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The formula is non-sticky, non-greasy, and gives a dry feel; a highly effective deodorant, anti-inflammatory, and cell-stimulating, an anti-microbial blend that reduces microbial growth and forms complexes with odor molecules or absorbs them.

It should be used on clean and dry skin. The frequency of use depends on the individual's physical activity or emotional state (stress increases our tendency to sweat), and deodorant is used 2-3 times daily. Our natural deodorant formula does not interfere with the natural physiological process of perspiration. Does not block sweat and sebaceous glands and ducts or trap sweat.
Our natural deodorant smells fresh due to the blend of essential oils used in minimal concentrations to provide a pleasant scent with its aromatherapeutic and anti-microbial properties.
It comes in two sizes, the standard size at 79g and the travel size at 15g, perfect for your purse or pocket.

Natural Deoholic Fresh (Travel Size)

Pre-Order the enhanced version coming end of June
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